Boris Johnson’s love child is revealed

It has been revealed that Boris Johnson fathered a lovechild in 2009. His identity as the father of the child had been kept secret from the public until now, due to an injunction put in place by the child’s mother, Helen Macintyre.

The child was referred to in previous articles as ‘AAA’. You can see Guido Fawkes refer to the case in 2012 (when the injunction was still in place) here:

Yesterday’s ruling in the Court of Appeal can be found on the following link. Boris Johnson is not named, but it features the judge’s declaration that the issue should not be kept private from the public on the grounds of legitimate public interest:

And finally, a link to the article itself. So far, only the Daily Mail have reported on the actual identity of the child’s father. You can read the story here:

Following his disastrous interview with Eddie Mair back in March (video here), Boris’s integrity appears to be scrutinised in public more than it used to be. We all know that Boris has had affairs in the past, but will the revelation of the lovechild – in the wake of the Mair interview – only serve to discredit him further?

Also, there is a clear debate about which is more important: holding politicians to account in the public interest, or the privacy of his lovechild? Hopefully the press will avoid reporting/photographing her when she’s older, and she’ll have chance to live her life without interference from the press. After all, the revealing of her identity is just an unfortunate side-effect of the whole affair. But should her privacy be paramount?

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2 responses to “Boris Johnson’s love child is revealed”

  1. millieweb2 says :

    Very good point re the child’s privacy. However, I think her parents made that choice for her. They both knew, before the affair started, that it would become public. And that others would be hurt. Their selfishness, not the media, is to blame.

  2. Rich says :

    Boris has pro-created!No,please no!
    A large minority,shall we say,think hes a loveable buffoon.On the other hand,most are not fooled and see him for the bumbling loon if really is.
    Do you think that it instills respect for the uk when he is sent to meet and great political figures from other countries such as China and Russia?They must nearly laugh in his pudgy face and think we in Great Britian are worthless morons who can be treated like imbeciles.
    We need some leaders who are straight talking and with some degree of integrity and real courage.Unfortunately there is little hope of that.We have ended up with spineless fools who are only too happy to sell this country down the river and then blame the populous!It begs belief!
    The world will remember Boris for his historic one liner that has changed the world as we know it “ping pong is coming home”?
    Lets get rid of this embarrassment and set ourselves free.Her not funny,hes not good for the country and hes flushing london down the toilet.

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